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testimonials_photo_3Do you have a story? We’d love to hear from you.

We love to hear from our customers, here is what a few had to say about their ownership experience with an Urbandale Construction Home:




“Now I understand why people like Urbandale. It is not only because Urbandale builds great homes, but also because Urbandale has great people.”

Chao and Ting, Riverside South

“We are really proud of being Urbandale’s customers, not only because of the great homes you build but also the superior after sales service. We have and will always recommend Urbandale as the best builder in town to our friends and the community.”

Pengfei, Kanata Lakes

“I’m definitely going to share my experience at Urbandale with my family and friends. Thanks again!”

Fathia, Bridlewood

“Urbandale is #1 in our books and we tell people about the great service provided after sale. We are very happy with our property and all your efforts.”

Cathy and Tim, Village Green

“We just discovered that Urbandale built our home…in the early 1960′s. It’s great to find out the company who built your house so long ago is still around and has developed such an excellent, well deserved reputation.

Bryce and Dianna, Urbandale Acres

“As every organization today strives for service excellence, you can be proud of this team. I look forward to enjoying my new home and will not hesitate to recommend Urbandale Construction to my friends and colleagues.

Colin, Notting Gate

Marvelous thoughout the whole thing… as an employer and a reputable builder, I’m sure that you expect this performance. But, so does every employer, and we all know how difficult it is to find people who can live up to those expectations… The house is delightful. It is well built, bright and cheerful. Even the neighbours are great- I am confident we will be happy there…And, yes, we are spreading the word!”

Betty, Bridlewood

“Over the years since we bought (our) house we have had nothing but exemplary service and pleasant responses to our requests for after sales service… We can recommend Urbandale as a superior builder which stands firmly behind the product it provides.”

Ross and Charlene, proud homeowners in Fallingbrook for over 15 years.

“In order to make the transition from a home that we were very happy in for 25 years you need the comfort of knowing that you have not made a mistake. The people who work at your sales office gave us consistent assurance of excellence.

Greg, Notting Gate

The customer service offered and delivered by Urbandale with respect to our home was second to none – each time you went that extra mile. We are so grateful and you may be certain that we have and will continue to laud the quality of after sale services extended by your company.”

Brian and Leanne, Riverside South