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Our Eco Commitment

CFL-Bulb-GraphicOttawa home buyers can have the “The Smart Choice” with an Urbandale Construction Home – A home built to the highest quality standards, incorporating intelligent design and energy efficiency that’s friendly to the environment.

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For over 30 years, Urbandale Construction has been a leader in environmentally conscious construction. Our philosophy is that energy efficiency is the result of building high quality homes with superior technologies and designs.

Urbandale has received numerous accolades for our industry leading designs, including local and national news coverage on our environmental leadership. In 2005, Urbandale won the Ontario ENERGY STAR® Builder of the Year Award, and in 2008, we were named the R-2000 Builder of the Year by EnerQuality. In 2012, Urbandale was honoured for building the first home in Canada to the updated 2012 R-2000 Standard by The Honourable Gordon O’Connor, Chief Government Whip, Minister of State and M.P. for Carleton-Mississippi Mills (on behalf of The Honourable Joe Oliver, Minister of Natural Resources) and the President of the Canadian Home Builder’s Association.