Urbandale New Home Construction


Horizon and California Series


When you buy an Urbandale home, you will have the choice of either a California or Horizon exterior. Whether you prefer a traditional, sunny and stress free lifestyle, or if you’re the type that’s on the cutting edge and not afraid to make a statement, we have the perfect home for you!

The California Series

California is a place of tranquility and beauty. It’s a world where dreams come true and the sun, sand and sea melt your troubles away. For our California Series of designer homes, we set out to create a timeless feel. Large windows let in waves of sunshine, and tall gable peaks stand proud like mountains by the ocean. Experience the energy a beautiful home can add to your life.

The Horizon Series

The Horizon represents infinity, but it also represents the future – a new day, a new area to explore, and new possibilities for an enhanced life. Architecturally, these modern designs feature linear elements to represent the Horizon, such as sharp straight lines and windows grouped in horizontal bands. Be inspired to make the most of what the future has to offer.

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